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Aug 23, 2010
this may already be a thread I'm not sure but today I was thinking we all know Christmas on a national level . Rockefeller Center tree etc. but I'm curious what is that one or two things you do locally that for you signal Christmas ? For me it's the Shrine of our lady of Lasalette in Attleboro Ma lit with thousands upon thousands of lights , then there's the Enchanted Village which for years was owned by Jordan Marsh but has since been purchased by Jordan's Furniture and given new life these things are tradition for my and many families locally. If I was to travel to your city or town what would I absolutely have to do or see to begin the Christmas season .


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Aug 3, 2015
I live in a small town but we have lots of heart.The first thing you would notice is the store front windows. As the season goes on, a plantation house is redecorated in the 1700's theme. They also have horse and buggy rides,along with beautiful caroling.By this time everyone is decorating their house and lawns but there is this one house everyone visits .He has over 500,000 lights spread out over his properity.Its a sight even older people can't wait to see.We have Christmas musicals around town at different churches.Nearly everyone I know does toys in shoe boxes for Samaritan Purses along with the Toys for Tots boxes in many stores here.As I said we are small but we have so much Christmas spirit in our heart. And then theres the nights we load up the grandkids and take them to go see everyone elses lightsThere is also parties at friends and families house.. Also most churches here have Christmas plays we love that to, along with the door to door caroling.For a small place we stay busy. And '' LOVE" every min.of it.
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