GENTRI is an all male group making an impact all over these days. Their group name means “The Gentlemen Trio” — three tenors, matched vocally and arranged spectacularly. In this Christmas offering they do a mash up of What Child is This with I Wonder as I Wander. Give them a listen:

These guys are skilled and polished. We’re keeping them on our radar — we think there is great Christmas music yet to come from them.

GENTRI is a Utah-based group that was founded in 2014 by tenors Brad Robins, Casey Elliot and Bradley Quinn Lever and launched to a national spotlight after the release of their debut album earlier this year. The group teamed with 8-year-old amputee and dancer Alissa Sizemore to create a stunning music video for their song “Dare” that caught the attention of news outlets across the country.

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