Ye Olde Gobble Contest

Gobble ContestIt’s that Turkey time again — time for ye olde Gobble contest!

Here’s the challenge — how much can you gobble like a turkey? We’re not talking how a turkey eats. We’re talking how a turkey gobbles.

This is what a real turkey gobble sounds like:

Your job is to make that same sound all by yourself. Record yourself doing the gobble and upload it below. Or, you can call our 800 number at 888-800-XMAS and just leave your gobble as a message. We will compile all the gobbles into one big Turkey Day sound file and let everyone who can vote on who’s got the best gobble.

Wanna hear some of the great gobbles we got last time? Take a listen below:

And yes, our best gobbler will win a small but significant prize!

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