Guest Posts on My Merry Christmas

Guest Posts

Guest posts are welcome on in the interest of sharing Christmas news, information and expertise. We are happy to accept contributions from Christmas experts, publishers, enthusiasts, decorating professionals, music experts, movie critics, and believers in Santa everywhere.

We do, however, have a few guidelines:

How to Contribute to

We want to make certain your contribution fits with our site visitors. As a general Christmas publication we have a responsibility to publish at a high level with information that is accurate, timely and entertaining.

Your ideas will be entertained by our Editorial Team. You can reach out to that team via our contact page. You will get a response.

Please be prepared to discuss your post in detail:

~ Who are you and why are you qualified to post in your topic?
~ What is your post about?
~ Who is your target audience?
~ Will your feature include links of any kind?
~ When and how long do you want your post to run?
~ What section of MMC do you want your post to appear in?
~ How will you promote your post outside of MMC?
~ What are you hoping we will do to promote your feature?

After we have discussed the above items we can proceed.

Publishing Guidelines

  1. Posts must be 100% original. We do not accept syndicated or previously published works, whole or in part. We do check.
  2. Submitted posts become the property of and are subject to editing and our established editorial guidelines.
  3. No plagiarism or self-plagiarism  – not even a sentence.
  4. My Merry Christmas does not publish content pertaining to gambling, weapons and firearms, pornography, or other industries/topics that may violate Google’s content policies.
  5. We welcome experts from anywhere – even those who come from competing publications, websites, podcasts or advertisers. Hey, it’s Christmas.
  6. You aren’t writing to sell a product or recommend a particular product or service. You’re writing to share your expertise, information, insights, and ideas with our audience. Please do not attempt to take advantage of our loyal audience. They are here to be informed.
  7. If you have a relationship with a company or someone mentioned in your post, you must disclose it.
  8. We will edit headlines and post copy for SEO best practices. Images need to be copyright-free.

How long before my post appears?

Our year round audience is eager for Christmas information when it is not Christmas. We encourage submissions early and often. Anything submitted after November 1st will suffer from delays in getting published. We understand you want your post to appear during peak periods but that will take lots of coordination. Please contact us early.