Jobs at My Merry Christmas

Jobs at MyMerryChristmas.comEveryone who works at My Merry Christmas is a volunteer.

We do it for the love of Christmas alone. If you don’t get that, don’t go any further.

Otherwise, look around you. What you see on My Merry Christmas and the associated Christmas sites we operate is the culmination of more than a quarter century of volunteer work from talented writers, artists, programmers, and other skilled professionals who bring their talents to the table for the Christmas community online.

We have many needs and several open positions. We welcome your application for any one of them.

Group Leader – MMC on Facebook
Social Media Manager – Instagram
Social Media Manager – Reverbnation
Editorial Assistant — Video Scout
Editorial Assistant — Linkmaster
Public Relations — Christmas Resources
Feature Writer
Script Writer
Merry Podcaster
Editor — Christmas Television & Movies
Graphic Artist
Christmas Radio Show Host
Christmas Chat Hosts
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