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Johnson Light Show Fires Up in San Antonio

The Johnson Family Christmas Lights are pretty famous. They were a hit in San Antonio long before being featured on the Great Christmas Light Fight.

This display likes to bill itself as “non-traditional” and right away it smacks the viewer as something very different. They explain:

There are no inflatables, characters, blow molds, or other “traditional” elements. Even the music is not traditional Christmas music; it is a custom sound track composed of Dubstep, EDM, hip hop, movie clips and even our children! The result is an exciting show that feels like a dance party! Even the lights are not traditional, we use Pixels which are similar to what you would see in a stadium Jumbotron. Each pixel can be controlled individually and set to any color and intensity. This means many more effects than what can be done with Christmas lights! The show embodies the spirit of DIY and cutting edge technology with all custom built elements, kit based controllers, and both custom and open source software.

The results are stunning:

As you can imagine, the Johnsons are all over the Internet. Here is their website which details nearly every bulb of their display and this is their Facebook.

And if you’re curious about how all this comes together, of course they have a video for that, too:

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  • December 18, 2015
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