July Brings a Peek at Christmas Yet to Come

With Leon Day successfully celebrated the world goes on a bit of a Christmas binge in July as both a way to beat the heat and to anticipate the season ahead. “Christmas in July” is commonly celebrated in stores as a means to do something to attract shoppers but it also has bled into other aspects of society.

Take, for example, an event scheduled for July 25th in Frankenmuth, Michigan — home to famed Christmas superstore, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. They are teaming with a local schools and churches to set a new world record in getting the most people together singing Christmas carols. The previous record crowd for Christmas carolers is 1800. Bronners thinks they can smash that record, even in the heat of a Michigan summer.

Bronners isn’t the only store bringing a little Christmas in July. In Elmira, New York — a place some say modeled the fictional town of Bedford Falls in It’s a Wonderful Life — they have a store that opens every July called The Christmas House. Guess what they sell? Its opening is a widely anticipated local summer tradition.

Tis the season as well for big Christmas party-throwers to get their act together for the season ahead. Consider the work at Walt Disney World, a place that literally transforms to Christmas for millions seemingly overnight every December. It takes a lot of work to pull that off and the light stringers, tree decorators and imagineers at Disney are in full Christmas mode right now.

Even the war on Christmas is gearing up. Over at Defend Christmas.com rumors are swirling of the roughest Christmas ever in light of recent Supreme Court rulings. “Now that some questions have been answered it is very much in vogue to knock the religious who disagree with the court,” one writer opines. “What that means for Christmas is the biggest fight against the sacred nature of the season we’ve ever seen and the biggest push ever for the politically correct, secular Christmas on record. If they can take a Confederate flag and turn it into a symbol of hate overnight imagine what they will do with a baby born of a Virgin”. Ouch.

July is traditionally the month when we learn some of the new Christmas music to be released in the months ahead. We turn to Stubby’s every year for this news — they are by far the best in the business. There is some early news this year but the best comes within the next few months.

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