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Kenny Chesney Spends Christmas at Blue Chair Bay

Kenny Chesney is laid back this Christmas, releasing this single titled “Christmas in Blue Chair Bay”.

“I was in the mood, especially with the time I’ve been spending in Barbados with my rum, to try and distill how slow and sweet the holidays in the islands are when we can get there,” he explains. “It seems like there are few times of the year when you can really unplug, really just be in the moment with your family and your friends — and celebrate how great life is.

“Over the last 10 years, I’ve really come to appreciate that time off and what those connections mean,” Chesney adds, “and I wanted to share that feeling with my friends through music.”

Father of 7, Grandfather of 7, husband of 1. Freelance writer, Major League baseball geek, aspiring Family Historian.

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