Participating in a social media Q&A with fans over the weekend Kristin Chenoweth confirmed work on a new Christmas album and hinted of a possible duet with Frozen vocalist Idina Menzel. If true, the album would quickly become one of the more anticipated titles of 2014.

Chenoweth shared her emphatic intention to create a follow-up to her 2008 holiday disc, A LOVELY WAY TO SPEND CHRISTMAS.

Chenoweth commented, “@swilli0521: @KChenoweth By the way, we need another Christmas album!” GONNA do IT!!”

Subsequently, another fan posited, “@KChenoweth I think @idinamenzel is doing one, it would be cool for you two to do something together again. Hope you are well! xoxo” to which Chenoweth replied, “@krfarrell91999 @idinamenzel Christmas is my favorite holiday! And the music!!!”

Of note, Idina Menzel is set to release a Christmas album later this year, so a duet between the celebrated WICKED stars could certainly generate even higher interest in that album or for Chenoweth’s proposed holiday follow-up disc in the future.

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