Lost in the hype of Black Friday is the pause the world seems to take as the sun goes down — that’s when the lights are switched on from coast to coast. Nearly every community has something going on or a big Christmas somewhere can be found. In this video below we see the time-lapse construction of one of the iconic trees in America at the Dallas Galleria.

“The holidays begin with the traditional decoration and raising of the country’s tallest indoor Christmas tree,” says a Galleria Dallas press release. “A crew of 50 works round-the-clock to setup Dallas’ most iconic holiday tree in grand fashion.”

The Christmas tree will be displayed from the center of the Galleria Dallas ice rink. The 95-foot tree holds more than 10,000 ornaments and will sparkle with nearly a quarter million lights. The massive, impressive holiday icon has long been a seasonal site for family photos and memories.

It’s a fun watch:

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