Look for Black Friday on Thursday from Now On

Wasatch Wagyu

Black Friday is officially dead. While major retailers have not announced their official plans yet for opening hours this year the trend the last couple of years (pioneered by Kmart, thank you very much) has been to open on Thanksgiving. This year look for it to get a little crazier.

That hasn’t come without a backlash. As Black Friday pushed first into Thursday night and then Thursday afternoon many rebelled. The fact that retail workers would have to miss Thanksgiving Day because of Christmas sales is just too much for many. Protests were lodged across the country.

Now retailers are mulling early morning openings on Thursday. Yes, that’s right — get up at 3am, pop in the turkey and head out to the stores to stand in line. That is the apparent line of thinking this year.

Who will do such a thing? The usual suspects. Think Kmart and Walmart first. Maybe Sears. Target in select locations. And malls owned by General Growth Properties everywhere. Just watch the headlines.

We will keep you posted on the news. Expect it to start to bubble up in the news and be a matter of great controversy by the first week of November.

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