Merry Podcast #41 — A Muppet of a Podcast

The Merry Podcast gives another nod to A Christmas Carol with a fun look at The Muppet Christmas Carol. Released in 1992 this now-classic version of A Christmas Carol presented nothing but challenges for the producers who were looking to capture an accurate retelling of the Dickens tale.

After all, if it was to be done by Muppets there had to be music — and how do you bring music to something so dark?

And could a Muppet play Scrooge? Or even the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come? And since it was to be done by Muppets, how do you make the scary parts scary-enough to be true to the original but not too scary as to affect the ratings or to turn off families and kids? This episode of the Merry Podcast addresses these questions.

We also celebrate a lot of music in this episode too. You’ll hear Merry Christmas, I Love You, a song written and performed by Myron Frame, lead singer of the Kyniptionz. Myron wrote the song many years ago. The song is about being separated from loved ones at the most exciting time of the year for family, friends and loved ones and that the simple gift of simply saying “I love you” is the best gift anyone can receive.

He’s backed up with more music from Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Stevie Wonder, The Ventures and the Boston Pops.

We have received some mail and we address the latest in regards to our last episode about Christmas 1944. Two Christmas shipwrecks get explored in so doing. The first, which happened on Christmas Eve 1944, is the story of the USS Leopoldville. And the second is about the General Arnold, which sank on Christmas 1778.

In all this episode in nearly an hour in length full of Christmas cheer, soundbites, music and news.

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