Merry Podcast #47 — O Little Towns of Christmas

In this merry episode of the Merry Podcast we explore a little about the American Christmas carol “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, a story of inspiration where the writer of the poem was inspired by a visit to an important place in Christmas history.

Where would your important places of Christmas history be? We asked that question of ourselves and came away not only with a list — but also a commitment to something we’re calling the Great American Christmas Road Trip.

The little towns of Christmas featured in this episode are:

1. Santa Claus, Indiana — home to the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame
2. Seneca Falls, New York — the real Bedford Falls
3. Indiana, Pennsylvania — home to the Greatest Generation’s Christmas hero
4. Stockbridge, Massachusetts — to the studios of Norman Rockwell
5. New York City — to visit the haunts of Clement Clarke Moore
6. Tarrytown, New York — home of Washington Irving
7. Morristown, New Jersey — home of Thomas Nast
8. Paradise, Pennsylvania — where a little history of our own will be made

This podcast is an open-ended question — and it really won’t be finished as an offering on My Merry Christmas for more than a year. You’ll have to listen to hear why.

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