Merry Podcast #52 — Christmas Top Sellers

Here is a kick-off to Christmas in July — a real mood-setter for the season ahead: in episode #52 of the Merry Podcast we countdown the top ten best selling songs of Christmas of all time — and it is a list that will surprise you!

The biggest surprises are those NOT on the list: Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett, and Elvis Presley — ALL do NOT make the cut. Neither does Andy Williams. Or, The Carpenters. Not even the Boston Pops.

What about more modern artists?

Pentatonix? Nope.

Michael Buble? Not even close.

Give up? Take a listen to this surprising list!

(And for all you Kenny G fans…please, don’t even ask…)

The episode (and all others archived dating back to 2010) are exclusively available for premiere members only of My Merry at this link in the Merry Forums.

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