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Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog Debuts

Like clockwork and on time the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog makes its annual debut this week for the 89th year.

The famous catalog is only famous for the absurdity of the suggested gifts that nobody actually buys. In years past the catalog has offered everything from lunch with notable figures to exotic cars that would be street legal in only the most obscure of places. This year’s catalog is no less extreme.

Each catalog features at least one car. This year is a Mustang convertible — an offering that might, on the surface, leave some folks considering it as a possibility. But this isn’t your Daddy’s Mustang. This is a special $95,000 edition painted special for the 50th anniversary of the car.

$90,000 will get you a World View Exploration at the Edge of Space – the two-part adventure takes you and seven of your closest friends up 100,000 feet into space in a luxury pressurized capsule where you will experience 360 degree views of Earth.

Or you could choose from three guitars offered by music icons Billy Gibbons, Lyle Lovett or Steve Miller. Those cost a cool $30,000 — each. And you can’t get them in the store, you’ve got to go backstage at the end of a concert to get them. Chances are they may be all sweaty, if you’re lucky.

There are trips, motorcycles and exotic toys for all ages — Neiman Marcus claims there is someone for everyone in this year’s catalog.

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