Share Your New Christmas Music

New Christmas MusicEvery year we like to feature new Christmas music in a special episode of the Merry Little Podcast. We’re not looking for the mainstream artists who get all the media hype. We are looking for those who craft Christmas music and want to get it out there to as many people as possible. This is easily the most popular episode of our Christmas podcast.

Here is last year’s episode:

Listen to the Merry Little Podcast episode about Christmas is Love: New Christmas Music 2021

Often we we add the songs we find to our Christmas radio streams at Kringle Radio and Merry Christmas Radio.

We also love to feature new Christmas music videos that come from such artists each year. One such video from last year we loved was This Holy Night. We try to share these video links via our sites, our forums, and all of our social media channels.

We rely upon you, our Christmas audience, to share these artists with us. We love to hear from such artists personally.

Do you know of an artist releasing a Christmas song or a new Christmas album? Are you such an artist?

We are planning to release our New Christmas Music podcast episode on November 21st, 2021. We may have a 2nd episode that will launch on November 28th, if we get enough songs.

Please tell us what you have coming, when it will be available and if we can share it via our podcasts, our forums, our site and our social media channels:

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