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Nominations Open for Best of Christmas Podcasts 2022

We are pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the Best of Christmas Podcasts 2022.

This new tradition began last year with a comprehensive review of the more than 200 Christmas podcasts that we could find. We surveyed online and offline, campaigned for votes for several weeks and with the help of the Christmas community online we identified, based on listener, creator and critical feedback, the Best of Christmas Podcasts.

With another season soon upon us we begin anew – knowing that there are more new Christmas podcasts than there were even a year ago.

Our search for The Best of Christmas Podcasts begins with a new nominating process that runs through July 24th. As part of our Christmas in July event, we will reveal this year’s nominees on July 25th.

But first, we need to hear from you. If you want to nominate a podcast, you can do so below.

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