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Norah Jones Releases New Christmas Song and Album

Norah Jones has released the first original song from her upcoming Christmas album titled I Dream of Christmas. The song, released via YouTube, is titled Christmas Calling (Jolly Jones).

“I’ve always loved Christmas music but never had the inclination to make a holiday album until now,” Norah says. “Last year I found myself listening to James Brown’s Funky Christmas and Elvis’s Christmas Album on Sunday’s during lockdown for a sense of comfort. In January 2021, I started thinking about making a Christmas album of my own. It gave me something fun to work on and look forward to.”

“When I was trying to figure out which direction to take, the original songs started popping in my head,” Norah explains. “They were all about trying to find the joys of Christmas, catching that spark, that feeling of love and inclusion that I was longing for during the rest of the year. Then there are all the classics that have that special nostalgia that can hit you no matter who or where you are in life. It was hard to narrow down, but I picked favorite classics that I knew I could make my own.”

Among the album’s many pleasures are Norah’s playful reinvention of The Chipmunk’s “Christmas Don’t Be Late” by David Seville (aka Ross Bagdasarian), which is given a languid beat and swaggering horns. Other highlights include sublime versions of “White Christmas,” “Blue Christmas,” “Winter Wonderland,” and “Christmas Time Is Here.”

The track listing for I Dream Of Christmas is as follows:

Christmas Calling (Jolly Jones) (Norah Jones)
Christmas Don’t Be Late (Ross Bagdasarian)
Christmas Glow (Norah Jones)
White Christmas (Irving Berlin)
Christmastime (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)
Blue Christmas (Billy Hayes/Jay W. Johnson)
It’s Only Christmas Once A Year (Norah Jones)
You’re Not Alone (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)
Winter Wonderland (Richard B. Smith/Felix Bernard)
A Holiday With You (Norah Jones)
Run Rudolph Run (Johnny Marks/Marvin Brodie)
Christmas Time Is Here (Lee Mendelson/Vince Guaraldi)
What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (Frank Loesser)