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Office Christmas Party Trailer…Too Graphic to Show

The new trailer for an anticipated Christmas movie due out this year called Office Christmas Party hit the street today — but we can’t show it to you. Even the trailer is too raunchy to show.

The movie stars an A-list of Hollywood millennials and is topped by veterans Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. Aniston says her character is more or less “the Grinch”, in recent interviews. The premise is about a family owned company in crisis brought on by the death of the founder — and the kids are going crazy trying to see who can get control of it. As part of those shenanigans, an epic, obscene and raunchy Christmas party is planned.

We’ll just pan this movie now as just another in a long string of Christmas crap put out by Hollywood.

Why do they have to pursue such themes of debauchery with modern Christmas movies? Even the comedy isn’t funny.

These movies — much like last year’s “The Night Before” — don’t make money. So why make them at all?

Movies like this are the reason why people stay home during November and December to watch the same old classics of Christmas from years past. Anything new that comes out is garbage like this.

Oh, and this opens a week before Star Wars — so even the makers know this film has no future.

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