Christmas 2019

Things to Know About Christmas 2019

Every holiday season brings something a little different. Here’s a quick list of things to know about Christmas 2019 – It’s going to sneak up on you. Yes, Christmas is still on December 25th, just like every year. But Thanksgiving…
John Legend

Baby, It’s Criminal How They Exploit Things

John Legend is going all-in to profit off his Christmas album from 2018, A Legendary Christmas. A deluxe version of the album is soon to be released and it is being hyped by capitalizing on the great Christmas music controversy of 2018. The…
Christmas Creep

The False Notion of Christmas Creep

A new survey is making the rounds on news media today that declares a large percentage of people begin holiday activities much earlier than thought. According to Minted, 43 percent of Americans think it’s suitable to put up holiday decorations…

The Best of Scrooge

Just weeks ago it was announced that a new musical version of A Christmas Carol is being produced to star Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. Not much is known about the project, including a release date, but speculation is buzzing about just who…

Great Ways to Celebrate Leon Day

The celebration of Leon Day is a real thing. Every June 24-25th Leon Day comes around to remind that the year, at last, has turned the corner on Christmas. It’s the halfway mark to Christmas, a kind of merry hump day for those who love the…
Remaking Scrooged

Remaking Scrooged

For the second time in less than a month a bad idea for a Christmas movie has been announced. Paramount has declared that Kevin Hart will produce and likely star in a remake of 1988’s dark comedic disaster called Scrooged, which originally…

The Next Horrible Santa

Hollywood just won’t quit. They just cannot wait to showcase Santa Claus again in a horrible way. Just announced is an all new Santa film to be called Fatman that will star Mel Gibson as Santa Claus. Fatman will showcase Gibson as a rowdy,…
Christmas Blues

If You Have the Post Christmas Blues You're Doing Christmas Wrong

The post-Christmas blues are a very real thing. Once the date of December 25th has passed the specter of December 26th is an ominous marker to many. It sits there on the calendar like the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come. Silent and foreboding,…
Julien Neel

Best of New Christmas Music from A Cappella Trudbol

The miracle of the Internet and modern musical technology gives us music that simply wasn't possible hundreds of years ago when God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen was created. Bear that in mind when you listen to this more accurate rendition of the…

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