Matt Maher

Best of New Christmas Music from Matt Maher

How many ways can Jingle Bells be interpreted? As long as it is fun, who cares? And that's exactly what we get from Matt Maher this year from his album The Advent of Christmas. This version is infectious and capable of endless replay: i…
The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell and the Ultimate Santasy

There’s a new Santa in town. Everyone is talking about him. Over Thanksgiving weekend Netflix debuted their new Santa-driven Christmas film they dub, probably because they will make this a regular holiday thing, The Christmas Chronicles. In…
The Cooter Boys Christmas

Best New Christmas Music from The Cooter Boys

I'm sitting here very early in the morning of Black Friday doing what I'm always doing the day after Thanksgiving: working on Christmas. In those dark, still, productive moments a notification pops up telling me I've got mail. Who could that…
Phil Vassar Lonestar

Best New Christmas Music from Phil Vassar and Lonestar

Phil Vassar has given us some memorable Christmas stuff over the years. This year he pairs with Lonestar for a catchy, singable tune called Not So Silent Night -- a song all about getting in the spirit of the season. We can get behind that! As…
The Family Tree

Best New Christmas Music from Caleb and Kelsey

Today is the single biggest selling day for Christmas trees of the entire year. Thanksgiving weekend is filled with a great many traditions that get a lot of notice: the turkey, football and Black Friday just being the most talked about. But…
Best New Christmas Music

Best of New Christmas Music 2018

We have to smile each year as we count the many radio stations claiming to be the first who switch to all Christmas music. Or for those stations who pop up on cable, satellite, and associated websites claiming to be the end-all-be-all of Christmas…
Christmas Love

Lessons of Christmas Love

Earlier this year we celebrated the 200th anniversary of Silent Night. With little fanfare and quiet storytelling yet another version of Silent Night is given to us via this touching new video: The Tabernacle Choir has made it something of…
Find Christmas

Finding Christmas in Thanksgiving

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A recent survey revealed sharp divisions in when the celebration of Christmas begins. Nearly a third said Christmas begins right after Halloween, a third said Christmas begins right after Thanksgiving and for another third the celebration of…

Crazy New Foods of Christmas

Food, more than any other thing, is the most common element of Christmas. The aroma of it fills every family gathering, it is the showcase at every Christmas party and it even finds its way under the tree, if not part of the decorations. The…

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