Paul McCartney Does NOT Have the Worst Christmas Song Ever

We have received emails concerning mass media commentary about Christmas music in the past couple of days. Receiving the most attention is the piece in USA TODAY about Paul McCartney having the worst Christmas song ever for his tune, Wonderful Christmastime.

The article writer says of McCartney: “Paul wrote, produced and played all the instruments on his song. That’s not a compliment.” The odd thing is, this writer then highlighted just about everything Christmas-related done by any of the Beatles. John Lennon, says the writer, is just as guilty as McCartney for lousy Christmas song writing.

Conversely, they are taking polls about Christmas music in the UK and the Beatles don’t rank anywhere within them. The top nod for the best Christmas song of all time goes to The Pogues for their Fairytale of New York.

Have you ever heard this song? Take some anti-depressants and listen to this:

There isn’t an American alive that agrees with the British assessment of the best Christmas song ever and there are maybe two out there that even understand what this bleak tune is about. Americans tend to vote with sentimentality and sales and that, my friends, is why THIS is the top song every Christmas:

That being said, a whole new generation is still arguing for the now 20-year-old hit by Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas is You. Good song, but does it have the 70+ year legs of White Christmas?

White Christmas has been an anthem for anyone away or missing home and family at Christmas. There isn’t a religious lick in it but it is, for some, about as sacred as Christmas music gets.

And besides, if we’re going to muse about the worst Christmas song ever can’t we at least include classics that have long since past the age of retirement? Songs like:

The are some songs that people hate simply because…well, because other people hate them. We’ve never understood the hate for this song, other than that it gets played so very much:

What does all this boil down to?

Christmas music is a subjective thing. Paul McCartney might have a song that some people don’t like. But it is far from being the worst ever. Not in a world of everyone from ” target=”_blank”>William Shatner to William Hung putting out Christmas albums.

One thought on “Paul McCartney Does NOT Have the Worst Christmas Song Ever

  • November 28, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    Christmas Shoes is a terrible song! It’s like someone sat down with the sole intent of writing a song to depress as many people as possible.


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