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Paypal Does Not Believe in Santa

Paypal is really ticking some people off in the UK. Like many pushing Christmas shopping early in the UK Paypal has jumped into the race for schmaltzy Christmas commercial dominance with an ad that irritates instead of inspires. Some think they are dissing Santa Claus — or at least tipping off children that Santa is not real. What kind of company does not believe in Santa.

The premise of the commercial is simple enough. Two little boys anxious for Christmas observe that their parents seem to doing less shopping than normal for this time of the year. Normally grandparents come over to tend while parents are out getting Christmas loot. This year, not so much because Mummy and Dad are shopping online and using Paypal’s super fast checkout service. That’s all the children see.

On Christmas morning, there’s the loot — but who is responsible? What do you think? Does this spoil Santa?

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