Be Santa for Christmas in July

The greatest joy in Christmas is giving and for Christmas in July you can be Santa!

For My Merry Christmas, that means Santa’s Sleigh — our little effort to give together for a few folks who need Christmas.

be SantaAnd we will begin with ourselves: EVERY premiere membership sold on the Merry Forums goes 100% to Santa’s Sleigh.

It’s our biggest fund raiser of the year and this year it goes through the end of the year.

Did you know that you can gift a premiere membership?

If you go to account upgrades in your Merry Forums account you can purchase a gift membership for anyone — even someone who already has a membership. That means you can select a membership for someone new or extend someone who is already a member. This picture shows you how to do it:

gift a premiere membership

We are also making available the following ways to Be Santa in July:

Drop a dollar in Santa’s Sleigh
For PREMIERE MEMBERS only! If you make a contribution to Santa’s Sleigh of just $1 or more, you can make anyone a premiere member for 30 days. Just make your donation and identify who you want to promote to premiere for a month and it’s done. (And once you have a new member promoted as premiere they can participate in any of the deals below)

Five Dollar Facebook
Give our Facebook page a like and drop $5 in to Santa’s Sleigh and we will extend your membership for 1 six months.

Ten Dollar Twitter
Retweet ANY of our Tweets from our Twitter page, drop $10 in to Santa’s Sleigh and we will extend your premiere membership for 1 full year.

Go Full Blown Kringle
Anyone who makes a $100 donation (or more) to Santa’s Sleigh receives a LIFETIME membership to My Merry Christmas.

This is FREE
If you know of a local church, service organization, licensed charity or group that can be a sponsor for Santa’s Sleigh this year, please share that information here. We are most interested in helping where we can in the communities of our members. A “sponsor” of Santa’s Sleigh is someone on the ground and close to situations where we can help. It does not cost them anything to participate and they guard our anonymity in giving.

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