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Santa Express Rides Again

Imagine the scene somewhere in small town America — it’s December, it’s cold, and the only Christmas cheer in your tiny town are the few lights the town can afford to put out and it’s not much. But then, on one magical evening Santa rolls into town on his Santa Express — a 50 foot lighted and animated display of Christmas wonder and, of course, Santa Claus — there’s music, there’s dancing and there’s spontaneous singing with the kids.

It is an event the whole town comes out to celebrate — and it’s all free and it’s all Christmas.

That’s the work of Lou Monteleone and the Santa Express. He knows that kids living in small communities may not get the chance to see Santa so he takes Santa to them — and they just love it. Check it out:

Santa Express from Matthew Ruscher on Vimeo.

We’ve followed the Santa Express for many years now and we thrill each year when the pictures and the videos come out. It’s pure Christmas.

We’re just not sure who loves it more — the kids or Santa himself.

You can learn more about The Santa Express on Facebook or via this extended video (which is a great Christmas mood booster).

Join us in thanking the Santa Express and all those associated with it who bring Christmas cheer to so very many.

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