Shatner Slashes Christmas

The Christmas ghost story has come a long way since Dickens. Back then it was scary enough just to have Scrooge visited by three ghosts.

But how about a Christmas tale where the ghosts have a bit more of an edge to them? That’s the Christmas wish of William Shatner — yes, of Captain Kirk fame.

He is riding point on a new film coming out this year called A Christmas Horror Story. We told you about it months ago but today they posted an extended trailer with lots of juicy tidbits, so to speak:

The story in this movie is told by Shatner and it is very loosely based on the ancient and somewhat mysterious (and definitely misunderstood) legend of Krampus.

But don’t be fooled. This film does not represent the real Santa, the real elves or even the real Krampus. Every character in this movie is as fake as the blood it spills.

So don’t take it too serious. It is just one of several Christmas-themed or even Krampus-themed productions that aim to twist Christmas movies away from being about love and hope and snowmen to having a little more kick to it.

We’re not pretending it is going to put anyone in a cheery mood.

Look for it on October 2nd.

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