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Spread a Little Christmas via The Kringle Project

Is it possible to make the Christmas spirit go viral…offline? That’s the hope and simple mission of something called The Kringle Project.

Here’s how it works: Take an ornament, add a tag to it that includes the hashtag #KRINGLEPROJECT, and then hang it somewhere unexpected out in the great wide world.

The hope is that someone will find it, take it home, hang it on the their tree and then post a picture of it to social media showing the world where it was found.

In a world of paying it forward Christmas-style, the hope is that you’ll anonymously place a few ornaments of your own just to see where they end up and that project, and thus the spirit of Christmas, will expand.

The Kringle Project was inspired by siblings Macy and Sam, ages 10 and 7, who walking with their parents in the woods one day and stumbled upon some baby pine cones they thought would make their Christmas tree like the tree from Charlie Brown’s Christmas. That led to an extended family conversation that ultimately resulted in the Kringle Project.

Macy and Sam’s dad is Tim Linberg and he was kind enough to share his thoughts on the Kringle Project:

Christmas is our favorite holiday, and this is quite simply a fun, wholesome family activity that we can all do together. We love the idea of creating an unexpected moment of holiday spirit for someone we don’t know (or even someone we do). So much of the holidays is spent online shopping and racing from one event to the next, that something like this allows us to slow down for a few minutes and connect.

Where the Kringle Project is going and how successful it might be remains to be seen. But Tim remains hopeful. “Success for us is spending more time together and enjoying the holidays. The kids are growing up fast, and I want to take every moment to share these experiences with them. Beyond that, it’s exciting to see this idea spread beyond our own personal network. I can see ahead a couple of years to a time where we can walk around the city and see little #KRINGLEPROJECT ornaments in a number of locations. That would be fun!”

Before you jump head first into plastering ornaments out there in the wild, check out the website for a few ground rules.

And by all means, spread the word. Get out and look for those Kringle ornaments.

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