There are No Heroes Among Retailers at Thanksgiving

The Black Friday mania is starting to ramp up as evidenced in this Sunday’s newspapers coast-to-coast. Supposedly Christmas shoppers are cheering the blockbuster deals already. But no doubt you have seen percolating on social media the inevitable memes showing which retailers will “honor employees and their families” while staying closed on Thanksgiving day or evening. […]

Retailers Starting to Avoid Thanksgiving Openings

In recent years the waters of Black Friday were significantly muddied by retailers pushing store openings to Thanksgiving Day. The move resulted in both a public and employee backlash who prefer Thanksgiving as a time for family and personal time off. Social media campaigns were launched to boycott Thanksgiving sales and holiday traditionalists were quick […]

Black Friday Fights for Relevance

We have reached another milestone in the countdown to Christmas: there are about 100 days left until Black Friday. For more than a century Black Friday has been viewed as an unofficial beginning to the Christmas shopping season. For all the hype and bluster of Christmas creep the real serious marketing and buying and selling […]

Realities of the New Black Friday

Christmas lands on December 25th. That is the constant — the north star of retailing and the deadline on the mind of every Christmas shopper. In an age where confusion reigns of when to get the best deal and where to get it the simple fact remains that Christmas is unchangeable. That seems to be […]

Merry Podcast #42 — Christmas from Italy

The Christmas music contributions of Italian-American crooner Perry Como is explored from a career that spanned 60 years. The timeless classics such as There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays and It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas are just the beginning of what there is to know about Como’s Christmas music. He […]

Remember When Black Friday Was on a Friday?

Walmart sealed the deal finally – they too will begin their Black Friday promotions at 6pm on Thanksgiving night. We called it a year ago – after a flood of retailers caved by opening earlier than ever before – most at 10pm on Thanksgiving night. This year it is 6pm. Next year it may transform […]