A Coronavirus Christmas Story

(Special to – America can be a place of fences. Not so much “back East” (as they call it). But “out west” (as they also call it) where the suburbs that sprawled during the 1940s through the 1980s it is not uncommon to find what they call “tract homes” on quarter acre lots — […]

Five Things to Consider Before You Build That Mega Christmas Light Display

Ron Behringer thinks back to his epic Christmas displays of the late 1990s with great fondness. “It was a new age for Christmas lighting,” he says. “Computer technology was really cutting edge. It was expensive but it was so exciting. It took it all to a new level and I was all in.” Once upon […]

Disney Snuffs Out Popular Christmas Light Attraction

Once upon a time it was a great story. 20 years ago the Arkansas family of Jennings Osborne were in trouble: they decorated their home with millions of Christmas lights, irritating their neighbors and creating a traffic nightmare. They went to court and lost. When it seemed like the display was on its last legs […]

Daft Punk Pentatonix Christmas Lights

Somewhere near you right now some poor guy is slogging through the heat of summer to put up a spectacular Christmas display. If technology has brought anything to Christmas it is a whole new level of creative celebration through lights and coordinated music. On day #137 of the countdown to Christmas we take a look […]

World Lights Up Christmas

As the month of November closes the world lights up trees, homes and public areas with brilliant lights of celebration. In Australia, a Canberra lawyer has officially grabbed the Guiness World Record with nearly 1.2 million lights on his display, as seen here from ABC News: More ABC US news | ABC World News At […]

Ten Tips for the First-Time Christmas Lights Hanger

By Brad Knight My first experience in hanging Christmas lights taught me a lot of lessons. Newly married and mostly broke, we did not even have the money to get a tree. So I decided to surprise my bride by outlining our basement apartment window with a string of Christmas lights. I bought them at […]

History of Christmas Lights

By Bill Nelson The world’s first practical light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879, and it was to be only three years later that an associate of his, one Edward Johnson, electrically lit a Christmas tree for the first time. The tree was in the parlor of his New York home, located in […]