Almost Christmas to Release November 11th

Universal Pictures announced this week the new movie previously known as A Meyers Christmas has been renamed to Almost Christmas and will be released in theaters on November 11th of this upcoming season. Danny Glover stars as the recently widowed family patriarch who invites his family home for five days of Christmas, begging them to […]

Why The Homecoming is One of the Most Important Christmas Movies Ever

Earl Hamner Jr. passed away this week at the age of 92 and the world hardly noticed. Hamner was a prolific writer whose contributions were more noted on television than anywhere else. While he is no Dickens his Christmas story titled The Homecoming was more than just a TV movie that launched a successful, long-running […]

Great Debates: Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas Movie?

It is one of those Christmas debates that just did not exist a generation ago: is the 1993 stop motion animated classic Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas movie…or a Halloween movie? The clever movie does little to settle the question by itself. The movie tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween […]

The World’s First Christmas Movie

The world’s first Christmas movie dates back to 1898, an age well before even popular silent films shown in movie houses. Directed by George Albert Smith, a British pioneer of film making, this wonderful bit of film was considered a technological wonder of the time and to this day remains a cherished look back at […]

Bad Santa 2 to Begin Filming Soon

According to multiple sources Bad Santa is getting a sequel and Billy Bob Thornton will be back to play the most pathetic figure of Santa Claus ever put on film. Entourage director Doug Ellin told Collider that his plans following the work on his latest release this summer will be to begin filming Bad Santa […]

Movie Review: White Christmas

By Danny Gould Writing movie reviews 65-years after a movie has been released and become a classic isn’t fair. How do you diss a classic? But let’s be honest. White Christmas might today be considered a classic and it might be beloved and re-watched season after season but let’s just agree upfront that it does […]

Jimmy Stewart Remembers It’s a Wonderful Life

By Jimmy Stewart (1977) A friend told me recently that seeing a movie I made in 1946 is a holiday tradition in his family, “like putting up the Christmas tree”. That movie is It’s a Wonderful Life, and out of all the 80 films I’ve made, it’s my favorite. But it has an odd history. […]