The Christmas Music of John Denver

Each decade seems to produce a dominant performer in the popular music of Christmas. In the 1970s that performer was John Denver. Born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr in 1943, John Denver first rose to fame as the lead of The Mitchell Trio. As a late sixties folk-singing anti-government group The Mitchell Trio was slightly out […]

Best New Christmas Music from Rehya Stevens

The strategy many emerging artists tend to take with Christmas music is to just Bing it up and release a sing of White Christmas. It’s safe, it showcases their talent and it is known. It’s also boring. Rehya Stevens is not one to take the path of least resistance. In her new album Celebrate Rehya […]

Best of New Christmas Music 2018

We have to smile each year as we count the many radio stations claiming to be the first who switch to all Christmas music. Or for those stations who pop up on cable, satellite, and associated websites claiming to be the end-all-be-all of Christmas music. We laugh because since our first radio stream launched in […]

The Five Greatest Christmas Albums of the 1960s

By D. Lon Nichols, Guest Blogger at MMC Many people consider the 1940s and 1950s to be the golden era of Christmas music. But to me the 1960s was a time when Christmas music broke out of traditional molds and brought us true classics. We hear more Christmas music from the 1960s on the radio […]

Christmas Songs You Don’t Know that You Know

Some Christmas songs are so familiar we can pick out a tune in the middle of July. Other Christmas songs have titles so obscure or from another language that we couldn’t pick them out if they were handed to us. The brand new episode of the Merry Podcast explores this in depth with an hour […]

Katy Perry’s Forgettable Christmas Song

Some are saying this is the new viral video of Christmas. We cannot imagine why. This video is emblematic of nearly everything wrong with Christmas today. It’s boring, it’s over-the-top, it is commercial and there is nothing original about it. But you’re going to watch it anyway because it’s Katy Perry. Oh, and the music? […]

Lindsey Stirling Performs What Child is This

She’s world famous now. But just a few years ago when she made this video you had to be a YouTube freak to know her. Here is one of her few Christmas contributions:

What God Wants for Christmas

This album from last year and this singer does not get the credit he deserves. This was a great album and this is a timeless Christmas video. Enjoy:

Osmond Brothers Christmas Medley of 1969

Andy Williams’ Christmas television specials of the 1960s and 1970s were traditional seasonal viewing back in the day and the Osmond brothers practically grew up on those episodes. More or less discovered by Williams after an appearance at Disneyland in the early 1960s the Osmonds went on to a storied career as teen idols and […]