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Crazy New Foods of Christmas

Food, more than any other thing, is the most common element of Christmas. The aroma of it fills every family gathering, it is the showcase at every Christmas party and it even finds its way under the tree, if not part of the decorations. The trends in Christmas foods this year are surprising. It is more eclectic, more adult and more expensive than ever. Take, for example, this three pound …
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Footage of 1920s Era Santa Training Reindeer

It must take a tremendous amount of work for Santa to train his reindeer to do what they do. For eons parents have tried to explain. Evidently the effort never ends in trying to justify or explain how Santa does what he does. In this rare vintage footage we see Santa from nearly 100 years ago training reindeer in some mountain setting somewhere. It’s great stuff:
Elf Ed ZacharyNorth Pole

It Ain’t About a Bird

Santa gets to see every letter sent to the North Pole eventually. But he has a lot of help in answering the thousands of letters that he receives each week. He’d love to answer each one personally, but he just can’t. And, in many of the letters, the things people ask can clearly be answered by someone else “in-the-know”. In the case of the North Pole, they can be answered …
Elf Ed ZacharyNorth Pole

A Fat Man’s Holiday

Someone around here keeps mentioning that Thanksgiving is Santa’s favorite holiday. We keep getting letters disputing that fact and arguing that nothing can supplant Christmas as the day for Santa — or anybody else at the North Pole for that matter. Some readers write the dumbest letters. A man from Toledo wrote to say that everyday is Christmas at the North Pole and that there are no other holidays observed …
Elf Ed ZacharyNorth Pole

The Parent Santa Connection

Reading Santa’s mail is an exercise in human psychology. There are the sweet letters from five-year-old girls who don’t ask for anything from Santa, they just want to send a letter where they can dot their I’s with a little heart. Seven-year-old boys are direct. Their letters read more like shopping lists. Quick, dull and to the point. We get letters from older folks too. Sad mothers who can’t afford …
Elf Ed ZacharyNorth Pole

The Magic of Santa

Some people say that Santa is magic. I say that some people are morons. Santa is just a man. He has problems just like the rest of us. Broken fingernails, bunched up underwear, phone soliticitors and bad breath are as normal to Santa as they are to everyone else. He’s a regular guy. But– oh yes, he’s Santa. And that makes him special. But there isn’t a lot of magic …