Heart of the Servant Santa

Mrs. Claus’ eyes were full of tears by the time I arrived at the hospital. Santa stood there stunned, as if hit with unbelievable news. “What is it?” I asked. Ryan had just hours to live. Santa and Mrs. Claus had met the boy just months previous but it was only within the past few […]

Secrets of the Servant Santa

“I recognize that suit,” I said nonchalantly at the dry cleaner as I was doing business. There, on a hanger and freshly bagged, was Santa’s suit. Her eye brows lowered and she looked at me suspiciously. “How do you know that suit?” she asked. “Well it belongs to Santa,” I said. “Everyone knows that.” She […]

The Servant Santa on Parade

He looked so strange to me. It was the first time I had seen Santa wearing something other than his Santa suit. He was speaking before the Chamber of Commerce, one of those networking functions you always hate to go to. His comments were brief, conservative and frankly kind of bland. Here I was seeing […]

Walkabout with the Servant Santa

He won’t let me tell you his name. In fact, he doesn’t go by anything but Santa. Most Santa portrayers I have met like to be called Santa James or Santa Smith – some combination of their real first or last names or even the names of the places where they live. But not this […]

Discovering the Servant Santa

I was on my way home by way of country roads, having escaped the interstate on a busy Friday afternoon about a week before Christmas. As I came through the small pass on the two lane road I saw a vehicle coming from the other direction. As it was heading west I could see clearly […]