For the Love of The Christmas Song

Christmas purists are funny people. Earlier this week we released a new podcast featuring the best selling songs of Christmas. We thought folks would be interested in this list. But no…..they seem to be a little upset by it, if our email is any indication. The most feedback we have received has not been about […]

The Christmas Song Celebrates 70 Years

It was a sweltering hot July afternoon in 1945 when Mel Tormé showed up for a writing session at the Toluca Lake house of his lyric partner Bob Wells. Mel let himself in and called out for Bob. No answer. He walked over to the piano, and there, resting on the music board, was a […]

Peter Hollens Sings The Christmas Song

When Bob Wells and Mel Torme wrote The Christmas Song during the golden years of Christmas songs (1944) they had no idea they were penning a tune that would recorded by literally hundreds of artists. It is a song that, like White Christmas, gets reinterpreted almost every holiday season. In one of the most stirring […]