Best New Christmas Music from The Cooter Boys

I’m sitting here very early in the morning of Black Friday doing what I’m always doing the day after Thanksgiving: working on Christmas. In those dark, still, productive moments a notification pops up telling me I’ve got mail. Who could that be at 1:30am?

Well, it’s The Cooter Boys and they have a new song the email tells me.

I’m not gonna lie. What kind of music can a group calling themselves The Cooter Boys contribute to Christmas?

Then it dawned on me. I’m not the only one working on Christmas stuff. This email wasn’t from a publicist. It was from one of the great Cooters himself. He was working, as I was, deep in the night — on Christmas.

To be honest, we get flooded with indie artists submitting their stuff. We listen to every bit of it.

But at 1:30am on Black Friday morning this song from these guys with this message about Christmas being, well, just a bit much sometimes, really struck a chord.

It’s a fun sung. It’s a funny song (if you’re willing to laugh at yourself). And dang if it isn’t a good song, one with an awesome chorus from a group that calls themselves irreverent. What’s not to love about this?

Well, now. These world-class video production values tell you this group is just getting started and that the video really is all about the music.

When I watched the video on Friday it had maybe 50 views. As I write this now, on Saturday, it has a little more than 100 views.

Do you realize what we’ve got here? We’ve got a diamond in the rough. A mere twig that will one day spring into a beautiful Christmas tree. We’re witnessing the birth of a great Christmas brand.

Ok, maybe or maybe not.

But can’t we show these guys some love?

It’s a great song, an awesome sound and…they work hard and I appreciate them.

Thanks, Cooter Boys and Merry Christmas.


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