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The Merry Little Podcast is our free Christmas podcast offering to the world. It is the most frequently published podcast that we provide.

Usually it is shorter than our premiere podcast, which is only available via the Merry Forums.

But it is just as in-depth and just as well researched and sourced. All of our podcasts are produced in-house. We hope and believe it is the most thorough, unique and compelling Christmas podcast out there.

Here are our most recent episodes:

~ The Christmas Hall of Fame ~

We also produce podcasts for the Christmas Hall of Fame. These brief episodes highlight nominees for the Hall of Fame and are often hosted by members of The Merry Forums or of other websites, podcasts, radio stations and Christmas experts:

  • Podcast Bio: Charles Dickens
    by Jeff Westover

    Charles Dickens has a most amazing run in the history of Christmas. His greatest Christmas work, A Christmas Carol, has seen continuous play on stage, on film […]

  • Podcast Bio: Jesus the Christ
    by Jeff Westover

    Jesus the Christ is the very reason we celebrate Christmas at all. Historians and politicians have throughout time debated where Christmas originated, some […]

  • Podcast Bio: James Stewart
    by Jeff Westover

    James Stewart is the only actor in the inaugural nominated class of the Christmas Hall of Fame. (Yes, Bing Crosby acted…but we know why he is really here). […]

  • Podcast Bio: Santa Claus
    by Jeff Westover

    Santa Claus is fairly recent entrant on the Christmas stage. At least compared to some others nominated for induction into the Christmas Hall of Fame. His […]

Christmas Hall of Fame

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