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The Mesmerizing Art of Christmas Pancakes

There are a lot of foods associated with Christmas but the last you would expect to be merry would be pancakes. But if you’re looking for a little kitchen entertainment for the kids on a December Saturday this might be a good idea.

Now, just a note about these — you can find lots of Christmas pancake ideas on the Internet but most of them involve other foods like whipped cream, berries, bacon and such. In my book, that’s cheating. This guy gets it right — it’s just him, pancake batter and a hot griddle against the world here. That’s all these creations consist of. This gives him a ton of credibility in my book.

This guy is an artist, so I’ll give him a pass for using a mix-with-water pancake mix (nasty). The trick to this is in the little squeeze bottles and, I suspect, the flick of the wrist:

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