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UK Begins Christmas Season with Controversies

The differences between Britain and the US when it comes to Christmas are many but none more pronounced than how each embraces the beginning of the season. In the US the rush to throw out pumpkins and put on Christmas music is frowned upon. In the UK they are turning on the lights and anxiously awaiting the first of many new Christmas advertisements.

The picture above shows last night’s Christmas light switch on and the crowds that showed up for it on Oxford Street. But that singular event was just the beginning.

A department store by the name of John Lewis has traditionally captured the imagination and hearts of Brits with their usual schmaltzy Christmas commercial. All the UK will stop at 8am this Friday morning for the debut of this year’s Christmas commercial.

But frequently there are controversies and this year is off to a fast start in that department. Handbag retailer Mulberry unveiled this commercial just a short time ago, a scene they call a tongue-in-cheek take on the Nativity. This isn’t funny to some people:

The Daily Mail is reporting even another outrage: the commercial below seems to indicate that Santa doesn’t bring the Christmas gifts but rather that parents do — and people are complaining the commercial is ruining Christmas for Britain’s children:

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