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Vocal Point Christmas Album Due Soon

CMt_YrmUkAIfTWxVocal Point, the BYU men’s group that has enjoyed so much success these past several years, has a new Christmas album coming October 9th.

Those unfamiliar with Vocal Point are in for a treat. “Vocal Point’s mission statement is ‘to enlighten the hearts and minds of those within the sound of our voice unto the filling of their souls with joy,’” Vocal Point member Jordan Hale recently told the media. As most who have followed them on their popular YouTube channel or who have heard them in concert will attest — they do not fail.

The 9-man vocal ensemble has a tight style featuring vocal percussion and gorgeous harmonies. While they have released Christmas singles in the past their new album, titled He is Born, is their first all Christmas album and it is highly anticipated. If it is anything like this prepare for a great release:

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