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What do elves like to eat at Christmas?

Dear Elf Ernest (on behalf of Elf Hugo, Postmaster at the North Pole Post Office)

What do elves like to eat at Christmas time?

Cherries Class
Blandford Forum, England

Thanks for all your questions. We have answered many of the other questions before but this question about elves and what they eat at the North Pole at Christmas is a very good question.

Elves work hard. Very hard. So we eat a lot of protein and a lot of foods that give us stamina and energy.

Mrs. Claus loves to feed us a diet of whole grains with eggs in the morning, some sort of soup or salad with a good meaty sandwich for lunch, and then a sensible supper in the evening that has something green with chicken and rice. It varies.

The problem don’t come with what Mrs. Claus feeds us. The problem elves have is with sugar. We just eat too much of it. We love cookies. We love eggnog. We love candy canes. We love fudge. We love all kinds of candied nuts. We even love fruitcake.

Mrs. Claus has to hide that stuff from most of us. Leave a good plate of cookies out and any elf would eat them all by themselves. So we get monitored so we don’t get tummy aches.

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  • December 22, 2015
thanks for the info
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    • October 27, 2018
    My elf angle likes cookies and I would expect candy canes but elves probably have different taste buds so I don’t know
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  • November 11, 2018
This is so adorable.
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