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What If Kate Winslet Sang A Christmas Carol?

Kate Winslet, starlet of Titanic fame and other films, evidently has a little Christmas in her.

You have to go back a ways — to 2001. She was the voice of Belle in a re-telling of A Christmas Carol with a bit of a twist.

What if Scrooge wasn’t such an old man and reformed himself in time to reunite with Belle? Ah, that would be different indeed.

And that’s exactly the story told in this forgotten live-action/animated UK production from 2001. Here is the trailer:

The trailer makes the production forgettable enough and, alas, true love for Scrooge gets trumped every time when we consider his redemption thanks to the visits from three Christmas ghosts.

But Kate Winslet singing?

That’s worthy of another look:

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