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What makes reindeer fly?

Dear Ernest,

What makes a reindeer fly?

Missy J. Barcelona, Spain

Hi Missy-

The flight of reindeer has been attributed to everything from magic corn to fairy dust. Since most of the stories are ancient fables, there is no way to account for what actually started it all.

But it might not be as unusual to science as you would imagine. After all, they have found birds with gills, dinosaurs with wings and fish with lips. Heck, in Southern California I hear they found a mouse that sings, dances and is a real snappy dresser. So they might not be as unnatural as some people suspect.

I can tell you this: the reindeer Santa uses are found nowhere else in the world. They are exceptionally swift and athletic. And they live to a ripe old age. They do not learn to fly until they are nearly full-grown, and only then are they taught by masters of the art.

I have watched them for years now. And I cannot tell you exactly how they do it. But I can tell you that their bodies are made for it. And that it comes naturally to them without medication or supplemental means of any sort.

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