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When We Seek Him

When We Seek Him is a brand new Christmas song from songwriters Shawna Edwards and Angie Killian. The song is part of several new offerings in 2021 that spread a Christ-centered message of Christmas. This song has more than 10,000 views in less than 24 hours online:

Angie Killian, who has released another Christmas song we will feature soon, tells how this song evolved:

About a year ago, I was thinking about the Wise Men and how far and long they journeyed to spend such little time with the Christ child. These words came to my mind, “If miles lay between us, would I walk to Jesus?” And then directly following that thought, I had the realization: He reaches our reaching and comes where we are.”

It is ponderous to consider the part of the Magi in the Christmas story.

Described only as “wise” men from the East little is actually known of exactly who they were or precisely how many they were. What is known is that they had a clear understanding of who the Baby Jesus was.

Christmas history has distorted the part of the Magi in the Nativity story with many depictions showing them with Mary and Joseph shortly after Christ’s birth. The Bible instead conveys their story as a more than two-year long journey – one of faith, determination and seeking after him. The children convey their lesson through these simple, brilliant words of Christmas:

His light shines inside me,
Like starlight, it guides me
Closer to Him everyday.
If miles lay between us,
then I’d walk to Jesus
O’er mountain and desert,
I’d follow that star.
But He doesn’t ask us to journey so far
For He will be with us wherever we are
When We Seek Him

Angie KillianAngie explains the children singing the song:

In the video the little stars that the children write on and place on the tree are filled with ways that they seek the Savior; their answers were so profound, and I loved them. We had some typical answers, like “praying,” “reading the scriptures,” and “keeping the commandments,” but we also had some really thoughtful ones like, “in nature,” “through music,” and “by being kind to others.”

And who are these kids? They are talented, local children from the Wasatch Front area of Utah joined by Angie’s own six year old daughter, who opens the song.

This song is not yet available on iTunes, Amazon or other online marketplaces but will be soon. The mp3s, performance tracks and sheet music are available on Angie’s website.

To see more of the work from these talented songwriters we encourage you to visit Shawna’s YouTube Channel or Angie’s YouTube channel.

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