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Holiday Turkey Could Be in Short Supply

The 2015 holiday season in the United States is in trouble already: there may not be a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey on the table this year and if there is it will surely cost a lot more. A dangerous bird flu is sweeping the US Midwest poultry industry and experts…


Little Big Town to Release Christmas Album

Country band Little Big Town plans to release a Christmas Album in 2015. The band behind the immensely popular “Girl Crush” hit will be recording their first ever holiday album this year. LBT’s Phillip Sweet revealed that the talented group will begin recording the album this month. Although there’s no…


Feds Go After Christmas Lights

Your Christmas lights just became a lot more expensive. A ruling issued on Monday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission claims certain decorations are a “substantial product hazard.” The 39-page report lays out specifications for acceptable seasonal lighting — and it all points to big price increases for seasonal lighting…


8 Months Until Christmas Eve

Happy Spring, everyone! The snow here at the North Pole is finally starting to melt. We’re seeing some flowers starting to pop up here and there and pretty soon we will be able to count on more sunlight so we can plant in our greenhouses. It snows most of the…


9 Months Until Christmas Eve

Merry Greetings, kids! It has been a bitter winter month here at the North Pole. Lots of snow. Of course, that’s normal for March. We cannot believe the number of letters we are receiving here at the North Pole right now. A lot of kids take a break from writing…


10 Months Until Christmas Eve

You think that YOU have a lot of snow? You should see it at the North Pole right now! Of course, we’re used to a lot of snow. But today we’re celebrating 10 months until Christmas Eve by taking a snow day. Can you believe it? Only ten months until…


Cameron Cannot Save But Will Profit from Christmas with Coffee

It has been four months since Kirk Cameron released his movie “Saving Christmas” to scathing reviews and some early labeling of it as “the worst movie ever made”. What better reason than that to merchandise off the flick and introduce “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Blend “? We kid you not….


Christmas on Minds of Lawmakers

Tis the season for extending the reach of Merry Christmas legislation in two more states — Arkansas and Indiana. The state senate in Indiana passed their version of the Merry Christmas Bill earlier this week and a nearly identical measure has just been introduced in Arkansas by Representative Justin T….


Garth and Trisha Plan Christmas Album

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are planning an album of Christmas duets. The country music couple revealed during a press conference in Tulsa they have begun recording their first album together. “Right now, the album that we are starting is the Christmas duets,” Garth says. “It’s our first duet album…


11 Months until Christmas Eve

Merry New Year greetings to one and all! An all new countdown has begun here at the North Pole and while Christmas might seem like miles away to you it feels just around the corner to us. Last year was an exciting year and Christmas was EPIC. We’re sure this…


Christmas Banned in Brunei

If you dress like Santa in Brunei the government there has one message: no Christmas for you. Oil-rich Brunei has officially banned all public celebrations of Christmas, announced its Ministry of Religious Affairs. Businesses that publicly displayed Christmas decorations were also asked to take them down and the ministry confirmed…


This is How You Burn the Yule Log

Now that the 12 days of Christmas are officially over and Epiphany has passed the sad task of removing and disposing of the Christmas tree faces Christmas enthusiasts everywhere. But how? While many communities offer tree recycling programs and will pick up the tree many more do not. For some,…


Fruitcake Toss Day

Today is January 3rd and there are only 356 days until Christmas. It is National Fruit Cake Toss Day and no, we’re not kidding. The first Fruitcake Toss Day was celebrated in Manitou Springs, Colorado in 1995 where it is still celebrated today. Check it out: We haven’t seen their…


First Foot Day

It is the 1st of January and there are only 358 days until Christmas. Today is First Foot Day, a tradition born in Scotland where first footing was a tradition recognizing the first to cross the threshold of a home on New Year’s Day. It was was so popular in…

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