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Santa’s Sleigh is Ready

Happy Christmas everyone! As we’ve been telling you all season one of the least worries this year has been with Santa’s Sleigh. Elf Quinton had his design by Santa approved more than a month ago and since that time he and his team have prepared every inch of the new…


Can bad weather stop Santa from flying?

Dear Ernest, Can bad weather stop Santa from flying? Bradley London, England Yes, it certainly can. Santa is subject to the weather just like the rest of us. A bad storm for us is a bad storm for Santa. That is why Santa has a Weather Department, so he can…


Test Flight Chased from Iran

Breaking News! Evidently the Iranians are serious about getting Santa’s sleigh out of Iran. They have just fired a missile of some sort at it. Elves in the Tracking Center assure me that the sleigh is in no danger. Elf Vernon is not only moving at blazing speed he has…


Tracking Department Warns of Weather Issues

Merry Christmas, All! With a week to go until Christmas Eve we are starting to get detailed weather warnings from the Tracking Center. Elf Billy , head of the weather over there, says we could be in for some trouble. Storms are lining up that will affect flight operations at…


Can I tell my friends I am an elf?

Dear Ernest (on behalf of Elf Agent X, Santa’s head of Secret Spies), Can I tell my friends I am an elf? Hayden Redwood City, USA No. Not a good idea. Well, okay — maybe. But you have to be smart about it. You don’t want to walk around wearing…


Elves Sent for Training in Explosives

An odd bit of breaking news here today: Santa has assembled a team of six elves to leave today for Houston, Texas in the United States for training in explosives. No explanation has been given for this training and why it needs to happen now when it is so close…


Elves from Medical Center Sent to the Workshop

Hi everyone! Elf Dr. Lionel P. Spock showed up at Santa’s Workshop today with his whole crew of doctors and nurses offering their help. “We didn’t have many elves to treat this year anyway,” Elf Lionel told me. “Everyone is very healthy”. Elf Bernard was very happy to receive the…


Did Santa get my letter and when will he write back?

Dear Ernest, Did Santa get my letter and when will he write me back? Alexis Morgantown, USA If Santa writes you a letter it will probably only happen on Christmas morning when he is at your house. And if he does, it will be a very, very brief letter —…


Elf on the Shelf Tradition Under Fire

The premise seems simple enough: a sometimes slightly naughty little elf visits a child each day before Christmas and reports that child’s behavior back to Santa Claus. That is the crux of a growing tradition called “Elf on the Shelf”, a commercial venture that has enjoyed tremendous popularity among parents…


Santa to Make Night Time Visits This Week

Breaking News just in from the Tracking Department. Personnel there have been made aware of three night-time flights this week Santa will be making to three locations: somewhere in Europe, somewhere in Malaysia, and somewhere in the Middle East. There is no known purpose for these visits. This is a…


Workshop Falls Further Behind

Merry Christmas Everyone! We begin the last full week that we have before Christmas….and things are in a bit of a panic here at the North Pole. Elf Bernard had a little meltdown in the production meetings this morning. He told Santa that if he doesn’t get more elves today…


How does Santa get around the world in one night?

Dear Ernest, How does Santa get all the way around the world in just one night? Geli Cleveland, Ohio USA This is the most common question we get here at the North Pole. People will ask us this question before they even ask us our names. Even Santa calls it…


Christmas Eve Shoppers

Songwriter Steven Hardy give us a song of wisdom and warning about waiting until Christmas Eve to do our Christmas shopping:


Broadcast News Team Announced for Tracking Santa

Kringle Radio’s signature 50-hour live radio broadcast brings the world unprecedented news coverage of Santa, his flight, the elves, the reindeer and all the operations at the North Pole. It is a huge story to tell and the News Department at the North Pole today announces an all-star line up…

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