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Winnipeg Spots Santa

Santa is in Canada — again. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: News of the North Pole Christmas Party Active Bedtime Warnings: Alaska Listen to Elf Daisy get schooled by Elf Holly Berry: Courtesy of SantaUpdate.com


Miami Says Hello to Santa

Santa is in Miami. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: Santa in Canada Active Bedtime Warnings: Alaska Listen to Elf Hank and Elf Red exchange Christmas jokes: Courtesy of SantaUpdate.com


East Coast US Receives Santa

Santa is reportedly in Charlotte, North Carolina as he makes his way up and down the US East coast. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: Christmas jokes Active Bedtime Warnings: All of mainland North America Listen to Crash try to give Frank hints about Santa’s next stop:


Santa in the Big Apple

Santa has arrived in the United States and he begins where many begin — in New York. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: A man who wants to change Santa’s habits Active Bedtime Warnings: West Coast US and Canada Listen to a spotter report from Quebec: Courtesy of SantaUpdate.com


Halifax Gets Happy

Santa is in Halifax! – Elf Ernest Coming up next: O Canada Active Bedtime Warnings: East of the Rockies Listen to Elf Crash refuse to say where Santa is headed next: Courtesy of SantaUpdate.com


Dominican Republic Reports

m4s0n501 Santa is now in the Dominican Republic. Lots of American and Canadian kids are pressing us to reveal when Santa will deliver — especially those on the east coast. One little hint for you: GO TO SLEEP. (please) – Elf Ernest Coming up next: Keeping secrets Active Bedtime Warnings:…


Eyewitness Report from Puerto Rico

Santa has moved on to Cuba. But we’re still reeling from the eye witness of Santa in PR. Listen below. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: Celebrations in Venezuela Active Bedtime Warnings: Edmonton, Denver, Topeka, Chicago, Regina, Dallas Listen to Elf Crash interview an eye witness of Santa: Courtesy of…


San juan Welcomes Santa

Puerto Rico. Santa loves it there. Wonder if he will stop for some rice and beans? – Elf Ernest Coming up next: Interview with an eyewitness of Santa Active Bedtime Warnings: Winnipeg Listen to Elf Agent X describe some troubles in Texas: Courtesy of SantaUpdate.com


Santa Returns to Greenland

- Elf Ernest Coming up next: Weirdness in Texas Active Bedtime Warnings: Cleveland Listen to Elf Vernon explain why sleighs are still flying from the North Pole:


Santa is in Chile

Santa is in Chile and happily so. He has many friends there. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: Does Santa ever get tired? Active Bedtime Warnings: Central America Listen to Elf Ed Zachary explain why Santa needs you asleep when he comes: Courtesy of SantaUpdate.com


Eastern Caribbean Reports a Merry Christmas

Santa is all over the US Virgin Islands at this time — and moving quickly. We’ve never seen Santa move so fast. Ever. We’re not even kidding. If you’re awake in the Eastern US or Canada, you better get a move on with those visions of sugar plums. – Elf…


South America Celebrates

We have reports from multiple locations all over South America. Santa is moving so fast that we can’t keep up with the reports. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: What bears do in the woods Active Bedtime Warnings: Atlanta, Toronto, Havana Listen to Elf Crash talk about what he sees…


Brazil Celebrates Santa

Santa is in Rio. And they’re having a party. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: The work of the tracking department never stops Active Bedtime Warnings: Haiti Listen to Elf Rolando in Brazil: Courtesy of SantaUpdate.com


Santa Visiting Ships at Sea

Santa is in the North Atlantic. Well, he’s not in the water, he’s OVER the water…visiting ships at sea there. – Elf Ernest Coming up next: Elf Rolando reports from Brazil Active Bedtime Warnings: Cuba Listen to Elf Crash talk about sleigh drones: Courtesy of SantaUpdate.com

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