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Christmas Time in Hell

Halloween seems to be the day to do this video….what’s Christmas like in hell? This video answers the question of what Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and others not exactly on Santa’s good list might be doing…down there. Courtesy of Show Us Your


Test Flights Resume Over Canada

Happy Halloween everyone! News from the Tracking Department continues a theme we’re noticing of everything at the North Pole this year: BIG. The guys over there report that this test sleigh is huge — big enough for Santa to haul things like cars and boats (we’re not saying Santa is…


How Your Turkey Gets to You

Turkeys don’t grow on trees you know: Courtesy of


Colorado School District Sued for Participating in Christian Charities

Last week the American Humanist Association (AHA) filed a lawsuit claiming that officials from various schools in the Douglas County (Colorado) School District used their official positions to endorse and sponsor two Christian evangelical missions groups, Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child and Adventures in Missions, and their proselytizing efforts. The…


Which Stores are Open and Which are Closed on Thanksgiving

You are soon to be hit with a terrible choice. Will you side with those retailers who open on Thanksgiving Day or those who refuse to? More than anything else it may be your politics that make the choice for you. Seriously. If you’re conservative, you’re pro-Thanksgiving shopping. Evidently, you…


Winnie the Pooh Celebrates Thanksgiving

Not only does this video prove that Tigger still needs speech therapy but also that Winnie the Pooh celebrates Thanksgiving: Courtesy of


Pros and Cons of Thanksgiving

Jimmy Fallon looks at the pros and cons of Thanksgiving: Courtesy of


Cool Whip 1969

Here’s a look back at Thanksgiving from 1969 — and the advent of Cool Whip: Courtesy of


Kenny Rogers and James Brown Thanksgiving

Rude, irreverent…and incredibly funny: Courtesy of


Federal Workers Want the Day After Christmas Off

Most people do not know that Christmas as a national holiday in the United States came about because of a labor dispute with federal workers. Society at large hardly worked on Christmas in 1870 and federal workers were jealous that they didn’t get the day off with pay like their…


Massive Piles of Coal at the North Pole

Breaking News! A week ago we told you about sleighs leaving North Pole. Today they are starting to come back and they are loaded with COAL! Elf Ed Zachary says this isn’t what you think it is. Santa does not give kids coal. It is being piled up in a…

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