Christmas Music

88 Keys + 500,000 Lights + Three Ships = Christmas

Jon Schmidt of The Piano Guys replays an old favorite from a long ago solo-album and gives it a fresh spin with, oh, half a million Christmas lights. Take a look and a listen:

I Saw Three Ships is an old English carol that makes almost no sense. How can three ships sail into Bethlehem when it is so far away from any body of water?

Some believe the song is actually a nod to the Three Wisemen.

Regardless, it’s a Christmas tune and it has long belonged to Jon Schmidt who takes it to bouncy new heights in this clever video supposing that the piano controls the Christmas lights.

We assure you — they don’t.

But, The Piano Guys pull it off.

Those guys can do anything. They may be single-handedly re-writing Christmas music and video with every passing season. They never fail to entertain and delight.

Having listened to their new Christmas album Christmas Together in full I’ve come to the opinion it may well be the best album of new Christmas music to come along in more than a decade.

It’s fresh, it’s passionate, it’s filled with light and love and hope. Just what the doctor ordered for Christmas in our time.

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