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Best of New Christmas Music: All I Want for Christmas is a Rock Show by Grizfolk

“All I Want for Christmas…” is quickly becoming the most overused phrase in Christmas music. Well, that depends on what one wants for Christmas. In the case of this new song from Grizfolk, it’s a pandemic driven plea for a…rock show. No, not a gem show. A R-O-C-K (as in “in the USA) kind of show. That’s different. We can relate:

How about that? A Christmas song…about rock music…that rocks. It’s a beautiful thing.

These guys, Grizfolk, have to be feeling the whole Rona thing pretty badly. If you visit their website you can see all their touring just stopped dead cold in 2019.

Is this then a Christmas song or a personal anthem?

We think it might be both. In either case, wouldn’t it be great to show these rockers some love?

It’s a great song.

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