Christmas Video

Beautiful Messaging of Christmas Commercials

What makes Christmas commercials so different than other commercials we see on television? It is like the fact they tell stories that inspire and leave the selling to mere suggestion.

Once upon a time American marketers were great storytellers. The commercials of Christmas past brought us things like the Coke truck and images of snowy Americana.

Those traditions have been revived and are celebrated internationally now. Case in point is this great ad, shot entirely in English, from Poland, which tells the story of one devoted grandfather learning English to spread a message of love in a funny and touching story beautifully shot:

This commercial showcases the best of Christmas values. Show does this one:

Some commercials are so well crafted it is difficult to determine just what they are promoting. This commercial is a first from an airport:

Amazon brings us the unusual friendship of a a priest and an imam not frowning over their differences but celebrating their commonalities:

Wonderful - Thank you!

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